SSD Podcast Ep.53: Borge Fagerli’s Zero Carb Experiment

Episode 53 of the SSD podcast features – for the 3. time – Norwegian strength coach and fitness expert Borge Fagerli.

0:40 – What did you actually do? (the zero-carb experiment)
8:45 – why not just try a lower carb diet? why be so extreme?
15:35 – fiber and gut issues
25:50 – zero carb and building muscle/losing fat
33:57 – why eliminating fiber sometimes can be beneficial
40:10 – the low food volume on zero carb and hunger
45:50 – blood work and health markers on zero carb
49:50 – macros and high protein on zero carb.
52:30 – social occasions
57:40 – re-adjustments of your palate + how did other experts react to your experiment?
1:02:00 – where can people find more about your experiment and your book?

He recently did something that sparked both a lot of interest and uneasy in many people: he went on an all-meat diet for over 30 days. Yes, you read it right: he didn’t just go low carb, or keto. He ate no carb sources, which means no fibrous veggies either.

Contrary to what many owuld expect, he actually achieved great results both in terms of body-composition and health.

This episode digs into all of the nitty gritty of what he did, and how you can try something like this out for yourself as well!

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The Zero Carb Experience

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