Heya, My name is Abel.

I help motivated and ambitious people get into their best shape in an obsession free, sustainable way - so that the positive changes can become a permanent and truly life changing.

The birth of my mission

I’ve always been obsessed with self development. Improving myself like I would do so with a character in a computer game was always fascinating to me.

Initially, the only question that interested me was ‘what can I do to become the best version of myself?’

Later on however, I found that there is more to the story:

In order to be the best you can be, your strategies need not only be optimal: they must also be sustainable.

I’ve gotten myself into decent shape multiple times, only to bounce back weeks or even days later, and lose all the progress I made due to burnout, injuries in the gym or messed up eating behaviors.

For a long time, I thought I was alone with this, but time and time and again I came across tons of intelligent, ambitious men and women who were chasing themselves in cirlces for years, suffering from the same issue: knowing what to do, but not being able to actually stepping on the right path.

I saw little information being directed towards people like us, and this sent me on my quest to find answers and solutions.

It all started with fixing myself - I managed not only to get healthier and to get the physique I wanted, but to beocme a happier, more balanced person on the whole.

The second stage of my quest was to try to help others - and this birthed the brand name for my podcast, Sustainable Self Development.

What initially started out as a platform for interviewing experts in the field, by now has turned into a hub of documenting my journey, while talking about all the lessons I have learnt about creating the body and life for myself that I was after.

What I want to help you achieve

They say that the difference between a pro and an amateur is that a pro can deliver a certain performance at all times, while an amateur can only deliver it on his good days.

My work is not geared towards helping people becoming elite athletes, or  professional body-builders.

Instead, it’s about becoming a pro of life. To be able to live the fitness lifestyle even on the bad days, so that you can have the body you want for the rest of your life.

I have my good (on the left) and bad (on the right) days - but I can bring the post-lunch, semi lethargic look in crappy lighting on the right at least year round 😉

If you currently feel like you've been fighting with your own head for years like I have before, frel free to reach out to me!