• Are you completely obsessed with your food and training…
  • Have no social life
  • Spend countless hours in the gym to feel you  ‘deserve’ like eating a decent meal…
  • Track every single calorie you put in your mouth…
  • …and STILL can’t see your abs?!

Look, this isn’t to talk shit about you – I’ve been there myself.

A good 2 year of my life was spent sacrificing everything (happiness, friends, potential girlfriends, adavncing my career) to try to get my six pack.

  • I skipped on social events
  • Had no meals out
  • Was unwilling to eat anything I couldn’t track
  • Had no time for relationships (romantic or otherwise)..
  • Often obsessed about ‘optimizing’ my training, even in my sleep

That’s 2 years of life experiences and happiness wasted away. And what’s worse, for no actual results to show for.

One day – literally, I can still recall the day – I said, “something needs to change”.

Ever since then, I managed to:

  • Get as lean as I wanted, while putting on 10+ pounds of muscle…
  • Kill my obsession with diet and food…
  • Progress in my training without suffering repeated injuries…

…while living a much happier and fulfilling life on the whole.

In short, I finally managed to  transform my body into something I’m comfortable with and proud of…but it all started with a decision to stop obsessing over it, and to prioritize happiness and life enjoyment.


How I can help you:

I believe that the struggle to go get into the shape you want to in a balanced, non-obsessive way can be done by anybody. The only question is, how much time you’re willing to flush down the drain while doing it.

If you’re fine with going through the learning curve on your own, and taking a (potentially) longer route, that’s totally fine. I’m sure you’ll get there eventually. But if you’d like to cut the learning curve and step on the right path more quickly, I’m here to help you.

This is what I can offer you by working together:

  • Create a rationally put together training and nutritional set-up
  • Modify and individualize your training and nutrition over time for your needs
  • Help you to create nutritional and lifestyle habits to get and stay lean with the most amount of mental freedom and flexibility
  • Help you to manage everyday situations and allow you to enjoy life while still making progress towards your physique goals.

Depending on how extensive your goals are, I offer 2 types of packages:

1.) All inclusive coaching package for 4 weeks:

  • Full-time access to my inbox. I respond to e-mails within 24 hours, even on weekends.
  • One 45 minute Skype consultation once a week
  • A training split designed specifically to your training advancement, recovery and schedule
  • A nutritional set-up designed to your goals
  • Detailed guidelines on everyday habits to make nutrition and training as effortless and stress free as possible

If you’d like to work together with me in this setting, please fill-out this form below (shouldn’t take more than a few minutes) and send it over to

Intake form_AbelCsabai

2.) 1 week consultation

If you’d like to consult me with a specific problem you have, such as revising your diet plan for fat-loss or your training for building muscle, we can also consult for a shortened duration.

This package includes:

  1. One 45 minute skype call (or whatever audio format you prefer)
  2. access to my inbox for the next week for making further adjustments to your plan, as needed.

If you’re interested in this, please shoot me an e-mail to, with a brief description of your problem.

From there, we I will see if I’m able to help you based on my knowledge and experience, and can proceed with the consultation from there.